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captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is the journal live from dw in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next hour. click germany and france pledging a deeper union as they celebrate 50 years of friendship. >> israel going to the polls expecting to see benjamin netanyahu reelected. what's interesting a contentious talks on financial transactions. -- instituting a tax on financial transactions.
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>> we start with a celebration of a key strategic alliance between europe's two great economies, france and germany. they have been friends for 50 years. >> after centuries of conflict, they culminated in two world wars. speaking at a news conference in berlin, german chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande talking about that. >> they promised to unveil proposals in the coming months and it is a big step forward dr. became to power pledging to reverse the plans that merkel had championed. >> it is the first time these bundestag has had a full parliament from another country here. the french president, hollande,
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recalled the original spirit leading to the historic relationship. >> young people are not only our future but also the reason for the policies that we are pursuing. >> young people in both of our countries have the uncomfortable good fortune that they have never had to experience in it. but peace and democracy. >> he also addressed the economic crisis in europe and chancellor merkel followed suit. she stressed it is necessary. >> what have we learned from 50 years of franco-german friendship? our greatest problems can be solved when we remind ourselves the value of peace and freedom. if we dare to except change. >> earlier, -- havoc with a tight schedule when the german president welcomed his french
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guests and the national anthem is cannot be played due to extreme cold. a joint cabinet meeting had ministers from both governments working on, proposals to deepen the economic and military union. >> she says the proposals are about a deeper cooperation in economic policy with the goal a social security, employment, nd financials. >> the spirit of cooperation was exactly what the treaty of friendship was all about. >> here is a look back. >> the idyllic village near the border region has a special place in european history. and is the birthplace of the franco-german friendship. after two world wars, if you believe such a thing was possible. the unthinkable did happen. they did not have much in common. both catholic and a conservative. >> what was surprising is that
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the first contact in 1958 did not take place in the palace but at his private the state in a comfortable family surroundings. they spent the whole weekend of their. he treated him like a guest of the family. he did not stay in a hotel. >> he was the only politician to have been given that privilege. any mistrust between the two men evaporated. >> their relationship led to the declaration of a musical about. the treaty was signed in 1963. >> peace in europe as well as integration could only be achieved through france and germany. by signing the treaty and not just some memorandum, he also wanted to make sure his successors were committed to this policy of a franco-german
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alliance. >> he was a military man, in general. the logic behind his move was to ensure germany would no longer ever be a threat to french security. >> in the 1970's, they pushed on with the special relationship but the efforts proved formative for all of europe. >> the establishment of the european military system was for the euro and it was the work of franco-german relations. >> they paid tribute to the fallen of the first world war. germany and france would stand by one another. the current german and french leaders are hardly united in the struggle for stability of the european currency, but some say that is nothing new. >> there is one thing to take from 50 years since the treaty
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is that we do make a difference. but this is perhaps not the worst strategy for getting through the current crisis. >> for more, we have our correspondent from the parliamentary studios. franco-german relations have been put to the test over the last year. has it caused by problems to date? >> of course the two have had their cautious over the strategy meant in tackling the eurozone debt crisis. we know that merkel is very fond of talking about universality. the clashes have been stronger between other heads of government between france and germany in the past 30 years. it is so fundamental to the
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sense of their identity. any clashes will not seriously rock about. >> why not britain or any of the other global powers? >> in fact, he insisted in the treaty there should be a preamble added that the franco- german friendship would not in any way prejudice the relationship between britain and the united states. they have received a french band initiation from charles de gaulle that he did not get from the british prime minister at the time.+ it is perhaps deeper than and some people imagine. it has been the case that
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germany and france as well as next-door neighbors have a particular interest in trying to achieve this together. it is more than a friendship. it is a partnership because they have common goals. the common goal was to integrate europe politically and economically. that is really a part of this friendship. it is something that both france and germany see as being essential to their own well- being. >> could also be about rival nations elsewhere? >> it is a unique treaty touted by the history of the two nations but certainly in the fact it shows that it is possible for countries that have been archenemies for a long time to become the closest of the friends and the driving force behind an integrating movement in a continent. >> thank you very much, john,
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from our parliamentary studios. >> a series of car bombings in iraq have killed about 20 people and wounded dozens more. >> one blast was in the district of baghdad. a car bomb detonated near a market in several were injured in a suicide tykattack after thy drove a car full of explosives into a checkpoint. ban ki moon as a does not hold out much hope for a diplomatic solution in syria. there has been a fresh round of fighting in homs. >> these pictures are set to show a suicide attack in the town that killed at least 42 people. russia has started helping dozens of their citizens to leave syria. >> canada is investigating allegations that the coordinator
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of last week's attack at a gas plant in southeastern algeria was canadian. >> he held the canadian citizenship. have confirmed the death of 38 workers who were all foreigners except for one. gay activists in russia have been attacked in public as they have tried to stage a kissing and protest. >> the insulted several of the cadets and at least five of them were detained and brought to a police station. the kissing protest was organized to oppose legislation banning what they call a "gay propaganda." >> higher than expected turnout in israel where the polls are due to close in less than an hour. >> benjamin netanyahu was widely expected to return to power.
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millionaire businessman bennett could finish strongly but it completely rejects palestinian statehood. in the eyes of the right, this will cut into his parliamentary majority. >> it could be the most hardline government in its history isolate. the from the rest of the world and possibly straining relationships with washington. it quite something new is beginning. that's the campaign slogan of naftali bennett. he is giving in modern face to the hardline left. made his fortune in technology. it the two fell out and he decided to talk about the return
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of jewish values. >> our priority is solving is real's problems. people cannot afford to live on what they own. they have a 40 billion shekel deficit. we have to stop talking about whether it is yes or no to palestine. >> he opposes a palestinian state. his message has struck a chord, particularly with voters under the age of 30. this man is voting for the first time. >> i think he can really change things for israel. what's the most recent opinion polls suggest he could wind up
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to 15 seats, unlikely to threaten netanyahu's reelection to, but losing votes to other parties always comes with a risk attached. they could build a bloc to bar agreement. the former television journalist sees himself of a defender of the secular middle class and it wants to govern. >> it would be a very bad thing for israel to have a government that is bound by the extreme- right. then we have a greater isolation within the international community, an economy that will suffer. what we need is some sort of a government issued across the
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border. >> the labor party has a new rising star. he was one of the leaders of the social protest movement. he is 8 on the internal list. labor in second place in the polls say they are prepared to fight netanyahu and the right- wing nationalists. >> we have to be there to stop them and we have to be there to force a more social budgets for a two-state solution to, for peace. >> this will be more broad based coalition. the israeli voters will decide which way the country goes. >> it's the start of the second live, the words of a french sailor plunged from the water. he was trying to sail across the world when he had to abandon his yacht. >> he was rescued after three days in the southern ocean by a cruise ship. he said it was a miracle that he
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had survived. >> we will be back with more news including what the eu is calling it a milestone for europe.
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>> continuing our coverage rocketeers of friendship between france and germany, but turning away from politics. these pacts are not worth much without real ties. the cultural exchange was an important part of the treaty. >> there is a big french community in berlin. we found out what they think about the ties and the differences between the two countries. >> he came to berlin to do an internship. that was four years ago. the young journalists stayed on to document life in the german capital.
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his address book is a who's who of berlin. the contact come from his job editing a francophone listing guide, pocket berlin. he says it is great to be french in berlin. people are relaxed and approachable. quite simply, people are very direct. they find it easy to come up and chat. it's easy to talk to people, to make first contact with people here. >> he still spends a lot of time discussing life with his colleagues at the listing guide. most were attracted by the polish capital. >> i have a feeling germany does not have the same sense of
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humor. they do not get my irony. >> often they lack a bit of imagination, but they are making progress. >> there are certainly more jobs in germany. the year that a lot. it is your job to meet and greet newcomers from france. the education center organizes the internships year. demand is high right now. what's a lot of the french are retracted by the culture of the cheap cost of living, the possibility that you can do everything. click she has been in berlin for 20 years now. she moved for love and state. even so, she still misses france a lot. it's a common topic when she gets together with her french friend. both mess life and in particular, the lightness of the
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french way of life. >> i miss the feeling you get when you go shopping in the markets in france in the summertime and how easy it is to make contact with people, how easy it is for people to approach. >> during those first few days, i had to change. you have to communicate a bit more subtle way. for instance, had to say "no" in a more pleasant way. cut stealing home in both. hoping the countries will grow even closer. >> i wish there was even more cooperation, more joint projects, meetings, exchanges. anything and everything helping us to expand. >> of course there will still sometimes be some understanding. odds are after decades of
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peaceful coexistence, they have learned how to get over it. >> political and business elite from rome world are gathering in the swiss town of davos for annual talks on the global economy. >> this year's meeting will look at ways of building growth and avoiding inflation anmid the debt crisis. >> a lot will be are the ticket in davos. many people will be looking towards it. >> unemployment around the world is likely to only get worse before it gets any better. >> for many, hopelessness has spilled into anchor. another trip to the employment office and another rejection. it is dramatic in countries like spain. they are raising the alarm.
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employment has skyrocketed. nearly 200 million people were without work get organization expects that number to increase by 5 million during the current year. the ilo says new jobs cannot be created because of the faltering economy and they are urging politicians to do more, for example implementing stimulus programs. >> they support training and retraining for young people in one of the groups hardest hit by the crisis. one-third of the 24 year old's have been without work for six months or longer. let them out to a tug of war that has lasted for years and it seems to becoming to a compromise. eurozone finance ministers gave 11 countries including germany, france, italy, and spain the right to tax financial transactions.
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>> this will help prevent another crisis from happening. >> highly speculative transactions allowed huge amounts of money to be made or lost, but a transaction tax to make them more attractive in a number of eu states. many opposed an eu wide move. >> for the first time ever, the financial transaction tax will be applied at the regional level. this will be representing about two-thirds of the eu g.d.p. that will look at this together as man occurred a long time cost. >> the view shared by germany and france is that those active on the financial markets' share some of the costs of the process.
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>> the european commission must decide how the transaction tax would be collected, how much it would be, and how the proceeds would be used. it may be some time yet before they are forced to pay. >> it seems that prospects remain bright for the german economy. one of the most closely watched indicators have hit its highest level in nearly three years. what they believe the up be moved in the markets will continue to go ahead with business plans. this survey is being taken at the -- that the the german economy as well as europe could rebound. >> how did investors react to the news? we have more from frankfurt. >> there was a lot of good news to the market which is hugely applauding. the bank of japan made an open- ended commitment to buy assets flooding the market, but they think it is more damaging than
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benefit. even a surprising surge of the index of investors selling them could not brighten up the mood. there was talk that the head of the german bundesbank will step down. they called that nonsense and reports about the potential breakup of large eurozone banks are making the market nervous and are putting pressure on the leaders. >> let's get a look at the market numbers. in frankfurt, not a good date for the dax, down by nearly 0.7%. the euro stocks 50 also down. dow jones slightly higher at 13,694 and eurodollars is unchanged. what japan is pulling out all of it stops in its fight against deflation. the new government announced a round of fiscal stimulus. >> promising unlimited monetary
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stimulus until inflation hits 2%. >> he got his way. the prime minister has been pressuring the bank of japan to do more to help economic recovery. the bond buying program is a big part of it. he said it will be a shift. >> together with the central bank, we have agreed on an inflation target of 2%. that is a revolutionary appointment that puts our fiscal policies on an entirely new foundation. >> over the last few decades, japan has bought deflation. previous efforts have failed. the bank of japan says they will print new money until prices began to rise.
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japan needs a vibrant economy to bring down its mountain of debt equivalent to 235% of gdp compared to 110% in the united states and spain's load of 90% of gdp. traders in tokyo appear unimpressed. the nikkei dropped on the day. >> it is a dispute that has been literally brewing for years. a top european court has decided the u.s. company anheuser-busch is the only company allowed to market under "bud" in europe. >> cesky budvar can use teh long form of the name. novak djokovic going to the semifinals in the australian open.
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he beat the czech in the quarter finals. >> just over an hour until she will play her fellow russian. >> can you imagine sitting down for a bit of tennis right now? a brat and a budweiser? [laughter] >> keep watching dw. >> we will see you soon.
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